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Quick Hits: The Lets-Fight-Over-Jerseys Edition

2017 Honda NHL All-Star Game Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings seek better power-play entries, net presence |
Ansar took time in his gameday updates yesterday to ask about the power play struggles of late and got a new version of Jeff Blashill talking about the process:

"Our entries haven't been as good in the last four games as they had," Blashill said. "Entries and unforced errors. Those aren't necessarily systematic issues.

Not necessarily systematic issues basically means trust the process. Aside from that, Blash talked about not changing up the power play units and I actually laughed out loud reading this part after Blash's 5-on-5 blender antics:

"I think one of the biggest things that's allowed our power play to have success from the 25-, 30-game mark last year all the way through now, just in totality, not in short little instances, has been the consistency of what the units have been and that the guys have been in the same spots," he said. "You learn to think as one unit. I think that breeds tons of confidence.

"That's feedback I've gotten from players over time. I think (changing) was mistake we made at the beginning of last year when we were struggling. You try to fix it by moving pieces, sometimes you just got to relax and stay as-is, trust that if you keep doing things over and over you'll get long-term success, and we've had long-term success on the power play. Doesn't mean we won't look at it, but we'll keep it for now."

Ell Oh Ell

Around the League

I like these. Yeah they’re bright and busy. They’re for exhibition hockey and they stand out. Fight me.