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Quick Hits: The Need More Shoot Edition

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Los Angeles Kings Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

How Detroit Red Wings working to develop habits to shoot the puck more | Freep

“We have been passing up too many shots in the slot where there is a grade-a scoring chance and we’re trying to look for somebody back door for a tap-in,” Gustav Nyquist said Wednesday. “It usually hits someone’s skate or someone’s stick and then it deflects in the corner and then it’s not a scoring chance any more.

“I think it’s a matter of when you have a good scoring chance, take it and shoot yourself. The guy who is waiting for a back door tap-in can get to the rebound.”

I’m here for this strategy. The Red Wings should throw as many pucks on the net as they can. Stop looking for the perfect pass to make the perfect play. Hockey is an imperfect game.

More shots, more scoring chances, more goals, more fun.

It’s pretty simple math.

Around the League

31 Thoughts: NHL embracing new era of fun, personality | Sportsnet

We need more fun in hockey. I would love to see more personalities emerge and take over the league.