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Morning Skate: Red Wings @ Canadiens - Preview, How to Watch

Detroit Red Wings v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Time: 7:30pm ET

Place: Bell Centre


Radio: 97.1 FM The Ticket, 1270 AM

Habs blog: Habs Eye on the Prize

We’re #1! We’re #1! We’re the best at letting in more goals that we score with a goal differential of -12. We’ve also played the most games in the league without getting a win. Kudos all around!

The other team without a win? The Panthers.

We’re on a 5 game losing streak with two loser points, but we’ve tried real hard a few times. The Wings had a Saturday afternoon beatdown in Boston losing 8-2, so now even more desperate for a win (but trying to play it cool with the media).

What happened last year after we lost to the Habs 10-1 and disgraced everyone who has ever worn the Winged Wheel, to summarize Zetterberg’s comments? We won! We beat the Jets 5-1.

Let’s bring that angry goal scoring energy to Bell Centre and finally, FINALLY, get that win before moving on to Tampa.

It’s going to be fine. EVERYTHING IS FINE.

But did I mention all of our defensemen are injured? I’m only slightly exaggerating. We’ll be pulling people out of the crowd by the time we get home, no one would notice one more empty seat anyway.

What’s up with the Habs?

**OLD FRIEND ALERT** Tomas Tatar and Xavier Ouellet are both Habs now, and Tatar scored his first two goals as a Hab last week and was rewarded with a...cloak? Let’s call it a cloak.

This will be our first look at prospect turned NHLer Jesperi Kotkaniemi and we can find out if he really is that good or if the Habs really are that bad. The Habs lost to the Senators, but have also beaten the Penguins twice and frankly I’m not sure what to make of that.

If they lose to us, that may tip the scale toward “bad”. It’s anybody’s game tonight, let’s give the Habs a taste of Hockeytown by having them leave Bell Centre disappointed and cursing the universe!