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Quick Hits: The Things Need Change Edition

NHL: Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Dennis Cholowski, young Detroit Red Wings see some promise in late rally - The Detroit News

The Wings are trying to find something to build off of so I don’t see a problem with this angle and these tidbits. I do like how succinctly Tyler Bertuzzi summed things up though:

We did a decent amount of good things, but we did too many bad things.

Good call, lil’ Bert. Good call.

Around the League

The NHL’s reluctance to change continues to leave women on the outside looking in - Raw Charge

The NHL is still behind the eight ball, and it’s time they caught up with the other major leagues.

The NHL will be the last major league to hire a female executive or coach. There isn’t any way to change or deny that fact. But while the other three leagues broke the gender barrier sooner, they didn’t hire women for the sake of doing it. The teams chose the person they thought was best suited for the job available. That person just happened to be a woman.