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Morning Skate: Red Wings @ Panthers - Preview, How to Watch

Have you considered covering your eyes?

Florida Panthers v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Time: 7:00pm ET

Place: BB&T Center


Radio: 97.1 FM The Ticket, 1270 AM

Panthers blog: Litter Box Cats

The Red Wings loss streak stands at 7. We have 2 loser points and that’s it for the season. All right, let’s go get ‘em see you at puck drop! Ok fine, let’s talk about tonight’s game and try and force some optimism into the universe for our guys.

The Wings lost in Tampa for the *checks notes* millionth time in a row, however they looked much better than they did in Boston and Montreal (low bar, I know). It was only 3-1 and we tried really hard most of the game until the end of the 3rd ending with a comically terrible 2 minutes of empty net time where we couldn’t even get the puck into their end.

How bad are things for the Red Wings, really? The Toronto media is giving us pep talks now. Toronto feels <Canadian accent> sorry </Canadian accent> for us.

It’s hard to predict what the lineup will be, I joke about the bingo wheel but Blash might actually be doing just that. The lines changed about 12 times a period in Tampa in hopes of finding even just one line that can work together.

There were plenty of goal scoring opportunities in Tampa, but the Wings always seemed to be just off - whether the puck was a little in the skates or a little too far ahead or they made one more pass instead of shooting. It’s frustrating, but still a sign that things may finally be turning around enough for us to get two points here in Florida.

Did I mention Luke Witkowski was playing defense in Tampa? On purpose, I mean. Blashill made that a real decision.

The Panthers played the Caps last night and if they won, that would have been their first win. However, excluding last night’s game which I haven’t checked on, the Panthers have lost every game this season by only one goal. They aren’t a bad team, they just haven’t had things go their way. Just because they look like losers in the standings doesn’t make them as good at losing as we are. We are THE BEST losers.

How I miss all those days spent lamenting one goal losses...

Oh wait, Roberto Luongo is out injured so we will face a backup goalie? Nevermind. We’re doomed.