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Quick Hits: The More Cellys, More Fun Edition

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Boston Bruins Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings mailbag: Should Michael Rasmussen go back to juniors? | Helene St. James

Keep reading for such amazing insights as Jeff Blashill’s job won’t be in jeopardy if the team plays well, but here’s some info on Rasmussen’s chances of going to juniors.

If Rasmussen plays more than nine games with the Wings, the first year of his entry-level contract kicks in. That alone won’t be the determining factor, though — it’ll be whether the coaching staff sees Rasmussen capable of playing much better than he has through two weeks.

My sense is the Wings don’t want to send Rasmussen back to juniors, but they need to see more from him, and quickly, to not do so. Blashill said Friday the Wings will try to get Rasmussen “up to speed” via drills in practice. Asked if that means the Wings will drag out Rasmussen’s stay by not playing him, Blashill answered yes.

Saturday night’s game likely helped Rasmussen’s chances of sticking around.

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More cellys, more fun. Do it up.