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Game Day Updates: Hurricanes at Red Wings

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Red Wings Updates

Hooray for Abdelkader and Kronwall on the power play! (woof) - J.J.

Hurricanes Updates

For all the jersey aficionados out there:

And for those wondering if Mrazek is only getting the start because he used to be a Red Wing:

Three Keys to the Game

Be faster than them. Detroit has one of the fastest line-ups in the league. Maybe the fastest, save a few old guys on the back end. Carolina is fast too, but with the way this season has gone, why not see which team is run more ragged at the end of sixty minutes? One team is going to give out sooner than the other; their bodies just won’t be able to hang. I bet the chips would fall in Detroit’s favor.

Win again! In a continuation of profound insight, it would be really good if the Wings, like, won another game, man. They played with intensity in Florida, now bring it home to the Detroit faithful. There will be plenty of time alter in the season for more losing streaks; Detroit can stay in the win column for a little while on this home-stand before getting back to those L’s.

Win again! Because let’s be honest, we’ve got to try at this one multiple times before finally getting it right this year.