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Expectations Revealed: Where Red Wings fans fall for the upcoming season

We asked the fans to tell us what they expect headed into the year, now it’s time to expose everyone.

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of weeks ago, we asked for the pulse of Red Wings nation and where everyone’s expectations stood going into this year. With Opening Night tomorrow at Little Caesars arena, it’s time to see how everyone is feeling and either how disappointed or excited the majority of Red Wings fans are expected to be headed into the year.

1% - The “Put the Xbox Down and Go to Bed” Expectations

Ah, I knew it. I just knew there would be a few of you. 24 out of almost 2,000 Red Wings fans either were joking or truly believe this team is going to make a run at the Cup. I don’t know who you are (or how your parents let you use the internet), but I love the optimism. I actively searched through all of the comments too and couldn’t find anyone who wanted to show their face (or username) to back this belief of theirs. But to the 24 of you who are out there, you’re great and I would do anything to have that kind of optimism, but maybe actually turn the Xbox off and go to bed.

6% - The “Hot N’ Ready” Expectations

Again, no surprise here. Between these two types of expectations roughly 7% of Red Wings fans actually see the team as a playoff lock (which still seems high). But nonetheless, good for you guys with that optimism. And hey, if we make the playoffs and lose to Toronto, or Boston, or Tampa (realizes we probably aren’t making the playoffs), then I’ll be the first to say you called it.

19% - The “Poke and Hope” Expectations

This number actually surprised me a bit. I sort of thought more people would think we could be playoff contenders, regardless of if we make it or not. 19% is still a pretty good number for this category, but I was hoping, for the sake of posting this updated article, that more of you were optimistic. But sadly, this is not the case. I would love nothing more than being a playoff contender this year, but myself and majority of the Red Wings fans just don’t see it happening, which is a fair expectation to have.

50% - The “Don’t Stop Believin’” Expectations

Speaking of the majority of Red Wings fans, here we are. The majority of you fell exactly where I thought you would. There are obviously major holes on this team, and most of you can see that. Some of you may even be rooting for a lottery pick right out of the gate because you just know this season could be disastrous. It’s the same narrative that we’ve seen the last two years. They show flashes of what they can be, but once again a mid-lottery pick leaves us all very unsatisfied. We won’t be bad enough, we won’t be good enough, and 50% of Wings fans firmly expect this to be the case.

24% - The “Probably Time to Stop Believin’” Expectations

Ok, while 14 of you expect this, this is probably what everyone who doesn’t see us as a playoff contender wants. If the Red Wings actually find themselves in a real position to land Jack Hughes, this could change the entire outlook of the franchise. The difference between the 2019 and 2018 NHL Drafts are huge. There’s a much bigger drop-off in talent after the #1 pick in 2019, so there is no underselling how big of an addition Jack Hughes would be. It’s not a crazy expectation, which is why almost 25% of you selected it, but it’s still tough for me to see this happening.

Other Top Comments/Expectations

Well folks, not much left to say. Everyone pretty much has an idea of where this season is headed, but let’s be real, we’ll all be happy to be wrong if we get an actual great year of Red Wings hockey. Let’s buckle up, cheer on the kids, and hope this is a transition year that sets us up for major success down the road. Let’s. Go. Red. Wings.