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Winging it in Motown Bold Predictions 2018-19 - Team Red

It’s that time of year again! Time for our writers to make some BOLD predictions about the upcoming hockey season. If you haven’t experienced this series before, our writers break into groups of three or four, and each make five BOLD predictions for the 2018-19 season. We then respond to our other group members’ predictions.

If you missed the first round of predictions, you can go read them here.

Because the games started Wednesday night, I just wanted to point out that all the predictions were made by Tuesday, October 2nd.

Feel free to put your own predictions in the comments and/or respond to our predictions in the comment sections.

Today’s group is JJ, Kyle, and me, Peter.

Enjoy our predictions!


1. Danny DeKeyser leads the Red Wings defense in goals this season.

Kyle: I’ll bet that if this happens, he has the least assists of any defensemen.

Peter: Now, that is bold.

2. Jimmy Howard and Gustav Nyquist are both traded this season

Kyle: Both traded to Anaheim for Jared Coreau and Ryan Getzlaf

Peter: For Kindle and a third?

3. ...and Jimmy Howard fetches the bigger return

Kyle: See above response.

Peter: For Kindle and 2 thirds?

4. Dylan Larkin receives at least 20 points in the Hart Trophy voting

Kyle: Still won’t be named a top-100 player in the NHL

Peter: I didn’t know he was a deer hunter

5. The Ottawa Senators are sold by season’s end.

Kyle: Will be moved to Quebec City

Peter: To what’s left of the fanbase, after they start a Go Fund Me


1. Thomas Vanek waives his NTC

JJ: To go to Columbus!

Peter: And then promptly gets injured like Mike Green did.

2. The Calder and Hart trophies are won by defensemen

JJ: None from Ottawa

Peter: Heiskanen and Burns

3. Michael Rasmussen doesn’t see one minute in the CHL

JJ: Because he becomes a Dan Milstein client and signs in the KHL by January

Peter: But does he see more than one minute? Nah. I agree with this one.

4. A defenseman wins Red Wings ROTY

JJ: Yeah ok.

Peter: And it’s Libor Sulak

5. That stupid Flyers mascot says something offensive on Twitter that ends up deleted

JJ: Shitty Gritty says something that isn’t pretty

Peter: His love of milkshakes leads him down a dark path


1. Ottawa has a -100 or worse goal differential.

JJ: Wrong centurion I suppose

Kyle: Red Wings have a -101 goal differential

2. Henrik Borgstrom finished in the top 3 in Calder voting (I made this prediction before he was sent to the AHL, but being bold means not changing it.)

JJ: Who?

Kyle: Who the hell is that?

3. Andreas Athanasiou leads the Red Wings in goals this season

JJ: With 12

Kyle: This is about as likely as the Lions having a 1000 yard rusher this season.

4. Patrick Laine scores more than 50 goals and 90 points.

JJ: Most of them against the Blackhawks’ goaltending

Kyle: Kyle’s Response: He’s not scoring more goals than The Gr8 8.

5. Thomas Vanek scores more than 40 points on the Power Play

JJ: For Columbus

Kyle: You serious, Clark?