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Quick Hits: The Key Components Edition

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Detroit Red Wings Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

‘Unknowns’ could help Red Wings exceed expectations | Detroit News

My favorite part of the article is about the duo of Dylan Larkin and Anthony Mantha.

“The biggest thing is we’re pretty good buddies so there’s a lot of communication, there’s open conversation, where sometimes if we don’t like what’s going on, we are talking it through, switching it up.

“It would be nice if we got here and we win some games early, creating offense and helping the team win. It would be awesome to play with a player like him all season.”

If there are any two players on the Red Wings that need to have good seasons and do it together, it’s these two.

Around the League

Report: Bill Daly, NHL hope to have next World Cup of Hockey in 2020 | Yahoo!

Hope is not a strategy, but I’d be game for another World Cup. Give us Team North America again, please.