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Red Wings vs. Devils: Updates, Lineups, Keys to the Game

Detroit Red Wings v New Jersey Devils Photo by Elsa/Getty Images


Wings are looking to go with the 11/7 setup again tonight as well.

On the injury front:


Keys to the Game

It’s a Larkin Party

...and we’re all invited! Dylan Larkin has been the Wings best playmaker all season, even in games where we were generally terrible, but against the Jackets he was really flying. It felt like he never left the ice the entire game, and I hope is a sign of great things to come. I can’t imagine the Wings winning if Larkin has a bad game, he’s been that critical.

1-2-3 Let’s Have Fun!

The Large Kids Table

Is Mantha too old to call a kid? I say no, because if he was considered a veteran Blash wouldn’t be on his case 24/7. Mantha is always under the microscope, so no backsliding tonight big guy, keep that #CompeteLevel high. Back to back Mantha goal games = back to back Red Wings wins? Coincidence? MAYBE.

Speaking of large sons, how about that Rasmussen? He broke through with his first NHL goal, and now he also has the pressure of will he/won’t he go back to Juniors off his shoulders. Looking forward to seeing what he does now that he is secure in his place on the team, but not necessarily in the lineup.

Supernatural Intervention...or maybe just physics

Three wins in a row, is it possible? The Stars win included a huge assist from the backboards, a no goal but then later goal from Mantha, and a plethora of missing the empty net. The Jackets win included the Red Wings playing their best hockey and taking the lead, then some of their average hockey which is bad and watching the lead disappear, but then winning in the end because Larkin is the best.

I’m ready for some weird trash goals, like a puck bouncing in off of Abby’s head or Kronwall scoring from center ice or Nyquist tapping the goalie on the shoulder and yelling “ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH YOUR LONG DISTANCE SERVICE” so he is distracted and confused while Bertuzzi shoots and scores.

How about getting us a win against the Devils - it’s All Saints Day so maybe they’ll be at their weakest?

Let’s Go Red Wings!