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Quick Hits: Another Dylan Larkin Edition

Detroit Red Wings v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Why Detroit Red Wings’ Dylan Larkin is such a ‘special player’ | Freep

We did Dylan Larkin for Quick Hits yesterday and there isn’t a ton new stuff out there about the Red Wings, so we’re going to do Dylan Larkin again for Quick Hits today.

Let’s all just appreciate Larkin for being a bright spot on a bad team this season. He signed the big contract and he took on a bigger role with the team and he’s doing well. If there needs to be someone that’s doing well on this team, it’s him.

Good job, Larkin.

Around the League

31 Thoughts: The hidden benefits of NHL’s big gambling bet | Sportsnet

The always wonderful 31 Thoughts from Elliotte Friedman. Here’s a thought involving the Wings:

29. Another example of how times have changed: the 10-game limit for an entry-level contract. It used to be such a big story, that a prospect was burning the first year. Now, teams care more about a young player being on the roster for 40 games, because that means credit towards salary arbitration and free agency. That’s the true hurdle for players like Detroit’s Michael Rasmussen.