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Quick Hits: The Crowd Goes Wild Edition

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings notice livelier LCA crowds as play has improved | The Detroit News

“The building seems a lot louder (this season), but that comes with the territory,” goaltender Jimmy Howard said. “When you’re winning, it seems like the fans are having that much more fun.”

More winning, more fans, more fun.

Coach Jeff Blashill has liked the tenacity, but gives credit to Howard and No. 2 goalie Jonathan Bernier for giving the Wings a chance to rally these last three games.

“Our goaltenders have allowed us to hang in the games, but you can’t rely on that forever,” Blashill said. “The reality is, any of those games, if it goes to three-goal games, it’s way harder to come back.”

The Red Wings goaltending definitely deserves a lot of credit for the last few wins.

Around the League

The biggest Hockey Hall of Fame snubs, and whom they should replace | ESPN

I would take out Jeremy Jacobs and replace him with literally anyone. I don’t care. You could put Mike Milbury in as a builder for his work with the Islanders and it’s still a better option than Jacobs.