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Listen to WIIM Radio: The Hot Streak Edition

Daxin Snack Street Night Bazaar Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

Welcome to the newest edition of WIIM Radio! I’m back on board and joined by my friends Peter and Josh. Here’s what we got up to in this episode:

The Wings of the last two weeks - Six games played and five victories for the Wings in that time. Greatest streak between episodes ever? No idea! We go over what’s been going right and what’s been going lucky for the Wings lately.

The trends so far - We talk about what’s different with the Wings so far compared to previous years’ starts where the team would change around this time of year to a more low-event style and dig into conspiracy corner to figure out why.

Special teams play - Peter has been keeping a close eye on special teams for the Wings and gives us a great rundown of where the Wings stand there.

Around the league - We ended up going over the Tom Wilson suspension, the pending possibilities of another labor stoppage, the concussion lawsuit, the Quenneville firing, .

Positivity Corner - We painted all over this episode with positivity, so the corner was kind of dry, but that’s a positive thing!

Reader Questions - Not too many questions here, but they were good ones. Tune in for our answers to the questions about our hope for the future.

You can listen via the embedded player above or download directly from our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also find us on iTunes by searching for WIIM Radio. If you’re really good, Santa will drop an 8-track of it in your stocking.

As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for language and brief nudity.