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Greece Lightning strikes twice! Wings shock Bruins and win 3-2 in OT

Boston Bruins v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The battered and bruised Bruins from Beantown came to Hockeytown tonight missing a few key elements including noted wing-killer Patrice Bergeron, the man who almost fought Brendan Smith aka Zdeno Chara, and Charlie McAvoy.

The last time we played the Bruins, we skated away humiliated losing 8-2 followed immediately by a 7-3 loss to Montreal. Not our best moment. This time around the Bruins blueline is greener and luckily for us our own rookie made a triumphant return after being on the injured list.

The 30 minutes before puck drop when we all thought Cholowski was out were the most terrifying moments of the season. Mickey Redmond however clearly skipped concussion protocol after taking a puck to the forehead during an alumni game and will be extra interesting tonight.

1st Period

Fast pace to start things off with a lot of back and forth but not much time holding the puck in either zone. Wings have a good chance early with Daley moving in but couldn’t get a pass or a shot off.

Meanwhile the Bruins were able to get 5 shots in the first 4 minutes. No harm done, unless you count the furniture Jimmy will smash later.

Luke Glendening shows why he is the King of Almosts halfway through the first as he whiffed on a shot, that was admittedly at a bad angle, but he tried.

Mike Green takes a weak tripping penalty at 6:38 putting Wings on the PK and LGD and Larkin are busy bees. Bouncing puck gives everyone a heart attack but Jimmy batted it away in time and penalty is killed.

Wings start showing more life in the last few minutes of the period with a great bang-bang play but Larkin’s shot was saved by Rask.

tl;dr - nothing happened

Mickey Redmond, paraphrased:

Danny DeKeyser shoved the net on purpose and got away with it...oh Danny DeKeyser had some help into the net...ok Danny DeKeyser was nearly murdered by a brutal crosscheck into the net’

2nd Period

Three minutes in and we almost have a scuffle as Miller finishes his check on Frk after an offside whistle, but Frk just kind of gives him a look and that’s it.

Almost 5 minutes in and Forsbacka-Karlsson feat. Tyler Bertuzzi scores on Jimmy Howard after a scramble in the goal crease. Big rebound off Jimmy’s pad, he makes another save, and Bert tries to fix it and did not fix it. 1-0 Bruins.

Another chance from the Bruins as Jimmy slides and spins out of the crease like a top during the save, but luckily no Bruins were in position to chip the puck into the open net.

Wings finally show some life a few minutes later with Rasmussen getting a shot and following up his own rebound but Rask keeps the puck out. DeKeyser also gets himself a good shot on net that leads to a small scrum including - you guessed it - Abdelkader.

Bertuzzi redeemed as Jensen fires a shot that Bertuzzi masterfully redirects into the correct net halfway through the period. Wings tie the game 1-1! Wings buzzing with another shot from DeKeyser, he’s playing like an actual functional hockey person tonight.

Pace picking up with a few minutes to go as everybody seems to remember how their limbs work and Jimmy and Rask both go to work to keep things tied at 1. A great save by the post steals a Wings goal and Jimmy keeps the Bruins at bay to end the period, the Bruins out-shooting the Wings 25-13.

tl;dr No flow for 20 minutes except Bert’s as he ties the game.

Mickey Redmond, paraphrased:


3rd Period

Boston getting too much face time with James Tiberius the first few minutes and the Wings can’t get much going. Mantha finally gets a shot on net 5 minutes in and his first mention during the broadcast...that might not be true but that’s how it feels.

Almost 7 minutes in and a shot finds its way across the crease and tipped in by Wagner before Jimmy could see it. 2-1 Boston. Poop. Larkin attempts revenge with a point blank shot but robbed by Rask again.

Nyquist and AA get a 2 on 1 as if to say that’s a nice 3rd period lead you have, be a shame if something happened to it, and something does! Goose takes the shot and it rebounds right to AA who bats it into the net. Go Geese Lightning - WINGS TIE IT 2-2 with 11 minutes to go!

Larkin almost sneaks a goal when Rask has a misplay behind the net but Rask recovers in time, that jerk. Fans getting into it now with the LGRW chant, which has become a rarity so is nice to hear.

4 minutes until overtime...



The fans are so into this game they are loudly booing an icing call, it’s refreshing.


[LGRW intensifies]

10 seconds...

[My Own Worst Enemy intensifies]


[Luke Glendening intensifies]

tl;dr AA ties the game to send it to OT

Mickey Redmond, quoted

“DeBrusk busted up his rear end”



And then...



tl;dr James. AA. 2 points.

Mickey Redmond, quoted



What more to even say? RED WINGS WIN! Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate and safe travels no matter where you’re going. We’re back in action Friday at 4pm in Washington, Let’s Go Red Wings!

Mickey Redmond, quoted

“Most of [the fans] were in their seats, which was pretty amazing.”