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Quick Hits: The Thanksgiving Edition

NHL: Boston Bruins at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Greece Lightning strikes twice! Wings shock Bruins and win 3-2 in OT | WIIM

The Bruins were missing a fair number of players, including Patrice Bergeron, but it always feels good to beat Boston. Thanks to Tuukka Rask for giving up two late goals to Andreas Athanasiou!

Krupa: Wings’ Rasmussen ‘wants to be great,’ and seems on his way | The Detroit News

Michael Rasmussen has a good head on his shoulders. The kid has bright future with the Red Wings.

Around the League

NHL Power Rankings: All 31 teams as a Thanksgiving dish | ESPN

26. Detroit Red Wings

Previous ranking: 25

The Red Wings are creamed corn. “Hey, check out this rather unappetizing variation of something you’ve always loved.” But hey, maybe you’ll learn to like creamed corn. You never know.

The Wings should be whatever Thanksgiving dish is served the hottest.