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Game Day Updates: Blue Jackets @ Red Wings, Keys to the Game

Could Columbus actually develop into a half-way decent rival? Totally, if it wasn’t for the current playoff format.

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Detroit Red Wings Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Red Wings Updates

Right now, the only known lineup change is Martin Frk telling Dana Wakiji hes in the lineup today. We’re assuming that means he’s in Christoffer Ehn’s spot, but will keep an eye out for more clarification on that as the day goes on.

I like how vaguely-threatening this one sounds - J.J.

Blue Jackets Updates

Three Keys to the Game

  1. Restore Michigan’s honor. The University of Michigan got blasted by Ohio State on Saturday for the Big Ten Conference Title which makes all us Spartan fans giddy on the inside was a terrible tragedy. And hey, if that made Dylan Larkin’s blood boil and he goes off the rails against the Jackets to make himself feel better, then I’m more than game to watch.
  2. Adjust, adjust, adjust. These two teams have become pretty familiar with each other over the past two months. Both the Red Wings and Jackets should know one another’s intricacies, quirks, and talents. The coaching duel should be interesting.
  3. Pass Cleanly. The past two games Detroit has struggle with consistently making clean, crisp passes. Ultimately, this comes down to how the Wings deal with the Jackets’ coverage and checking. I just want them to deal with it well, because every time they don’t I think to myself here we go again. I guess the trauma of the last two years runs deep.