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Quick Hits: The How Much More Howard Edition

Vancouver Canucks v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Jimmy Howard’s strong play will earn contract extension from Red Wings | MLive

The Red Wings are happy with Howard, and Howard is happy in Detroit. That is why the sides are sure to agree on a contract extension this season.

Howard is in the final year of his contract (a six-year deal with a cap hit of $5.29 million) and turns 35 in March, which has led to speculation he might be moved at the trade deadline for a draft pick. With Jonathan Quick out indefinitely following knee surgery last week, some wondered if a trade might come sooner and the Los Angeles Kings would be interested.

It doesn’t matter. The Red Wings are committed to keeping Howard. He likely will receive a multiyear contract, and the tandem of Howard and Jonathan Bernier will be manning the nets in Detroit for a couple more seasons.

Oh really?

I’m not overly joyed by this news, but I’m also not overly upset about it either. It just kind of is what it is, I guess. My only real question is what’s the cost for Jimmy Howard? Since this is likely going to happen, I’d be fine with two years at $6M total. Basically just match Jonathan Bernier’s remaining years and then hit the reset button with their contracts are both up.

Around the League

Evgeni Malkin ejected after direct hit to T.J. Oshie’s head | Sportsnet

This feels like a broken record, but hockey players should really stop the whole hitting other hockey players in the head thing.