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Merry Christmas from WIIM

Christmas Shoppers Hit The High Streets Across the UK Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

We’re almost halfway through the 2018-19 NHL season and the Red Wings sit sixth in the Wild Card standings with 36 points in 38 games played. They’re currently seven points out of a playoff spot and only five points up on the basement.

Basically, they’re pretty much where we expected them to be this season and might be playing a little TOO well for their own good, depending on where you stand on Team Tank

I don’t know though... I feel pretty good about this season. Maybe it’s the spirit gripping me; maybe it’s all the eggnog*; maybe I’m just getting dumber as I get older, but I’m enjoying the Red Wings right now. Sure, I’d rather they play more like a consistently dominant team because those are a ton of fun to watch, but there’s something to be said about finally getting a team that’s mostly been handed to the youngsters and tracking the highs and lows of those kids learning what it takes to win in the NHL.

While we take today to be with our families, I’d be remiss to not say thanks to this family for sticking together in our mutual love for the sport and this team. You all do a wonderful job enriching our lives with your participation in what it means to experience Red Wings fandom and I can’t thank you enough.

As Helmerroids put it:

“Happy Holidays to the WIIM community and your offline families. Each and every one of you is a gift to the earth and a blessing from the universe and I’m sincerely thankful to have such a big group of rowdy Red Wings heathens to celebrate and suffer with every day.”

Merry Christmas and LGRW

[*just kidding, eggnog sucks]