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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Boxing-Lesson Day Edition

Josh Warrington v Carl Frampton - Media Workout Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Welcome to our newest WIIM Radio mailbag. We’ll be recording our newest episode later tonight with the plan of running it out for your earball pleasure on Thursday morning. Here’s a list of topics we’ll be vaguely sticking to as we meander through our conversation about the Wings,life, love, and hockey:

Many Happy Returns: The Wings are nearly halfway through the season and are pretty much what we thought they were. We’ve kind of run out of ways to say it’s more fun and promising but they’re still not a terribly good team, so we’ll take a look at the biggest surprises for the Wings so far this season.

Red & White is the Season’s Fashion: Rumors of a new third jersey! The Wings have a classic, but have also had success going with alternates in the past. What could come of this rumor?

Out With the Old, In With the New: Detroit has three prospects playing at the World Juniors and should have a bigger role than we’re used to seeing. How much does this change our interest in the tournament and what are we looking forward to out of Veleno, McIsaac, and Zadina?

Around the World in One Night: What are the storylines that are most interesting to you outside of Detroit? I want to hear this in the comments as well. We’ll read off the best answers and give you credit for being the geniuses that you are here.

Positivity Corner: It’s more like a whole room by now.

Reader Questions: Our favorite part of each episode - we’ll open the floor to you, the readers and will give up the answers to ALL of your pressing questions (except the ones that are already covered by the time we get to this part). Anything goes.

Looking ahead: Crystal ball time. We’ll give you the take-it-to-Vegas odds on the next two weeks for the Wings.

Get your questions/storylines in today and look for our new episode dropping tomorrow. Thanks and LGRW!