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Key Play Breakdown: The Only Goal Colorado Needed

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NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Detroit Red Wings Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Avalanche needed only six seconds to score the game-winner on a power play in the 2nd period. It’ll take me slightly longer to write it up. There are other plays outside of goals that we probably could count as a “Key Play” in this game, but I don’t really want to recap Anthony Mantha not having his stick on the ice or making a bad pass and I kind of lost track of which bounces that didn’t go the Wings’ way were more-key than others. It’s not like Detroit got screwed in this game or terribly unlucky, but it also feels severe to say “deserved to lose.”

I guess you could call the loss earned, but with the understanding we’d be in the same gray area had they won. Anyway, here’s the goal:

The Setup

Jonathan Ericsson takes a holding penalty in his own zone.

The Finish

Then this happens:

The Blame Game

Aside from Ericsson for taking the penalty, Larkin losing the faceoff that cleanly puts a whole lot of pressure on Nick Jensen to pick the right set of coverages and he gets spun around. DK has to watch the shooting lane from Landeskog (secondary assist) and can’t be in position to stop the MacKinnon shot with how quickly the Avs move this puck.

Really, you have to give the Avs credit for the crisp passing. This is insanely hard to defend after the clean faceoff loss.