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Me-ow. Wings blow 3 goal lead as Panthers win 4-3 in the shootout

This game was decidedly NOT the cat’s pajamas as the second period Red Wings destroy 2018 once and for all.

Florida Panthers v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Wings closing down 2018 by playing the Panthers, last time we met on the 22nd we lost 2-1 but tonight looking to head into 2019 with a win.

If nothing else, we scored victory tonight in Mick’s dapper combination of checkered bow tie, vest, and pocket square and his continued forgetfulness of who is on the team during Light the Lamp.

Seriously, Ozzie had to pick a player for him (Bertuzzi).

Anyway, let’s do that recap.

1st Period

We’re off after a tribute for Daley’s 1000th game including words from Zetterberg and we were NOT READY for this blessing.

Jimmy doing some work early and Wings finally get a break a few minutes in with a nice pass from Goose over to E and to Larkin who couldn’t get it. Then another chance for Larkin from Goose but he couldn’t reach that one either. Larkin is involved in about 100 more chances during his shift but no go. NOT HIS FAULT, OBVIOUSLY.

BUT THEN, ATHANASIOU SCOOORRRESSSSS on a classic AA move where he dismantles Luongo’s soul and hangs it from the ceiling with a nice little deke and tuck. 1-0 Wings at 5:15 with help from a subtle slash by LGD which chopped the puck up to AA for the break.

Toot toot here comes the penalty train, Kronner does some not-subtle interference during the faceoff and Wings go on the PK at 6:57. But it’s ok, penalty is killed and Jimmy didn’t even have to give that many mad glares.

Not much notable the next ten minutes except a segment where Nyquist revealed that he has no new year’s resolutions but that maybe some other players on the Wings could afford to be better people without naming names. However, he then did another classic Goose miss the net shot so maybe he should resolve to put pucks in nets or something.

2.5 minutes left and Goose keeps the new year’s resolution I just made for him and scores a beauty of a backhander. That’s right, THE GOOSE IS LOOSE MY DUDES and it’s 2-0 Wings!

A minute later and the Red Wings pull a what every other team pulls on the Wings and Vanek scores right off the faceoff, he hit the post earlier in the period but this time he hit the post INSIDE the net and Luongo had no idea what happened.

The first period comes to a close and the Wings are up 3-0!

And yes, Larkin’s point streak now sits at 14 games.

Mickey Redmond Quote of the Period: “For the first time in a while, we got a piece of equipment hanging off the big scoreboard over top of this ice. Oy yoi yoi what a deke that was.”

2nd Period

Three minutes in and Ras is off to the box for holding the stick and Mick chastises him for taking a penalty when his family is at the game. James Tiberius makes a huge save and the penalty is safely murdered.

And just like that, we get our chance at a powerplay as Nick Jensen reminds everyone that he physically exists on this plane and draws the penalty putting Denis Malgin in the box for tripping.

BUT OH NO!!!!!! Panthers score short handed after Jimmy blocked a shot in the collarbone/neck region and was stunned and couldn’t go find the rebound. Luckily, he seems to be ok and it wasn’t a head hit just a stinger. 3-1 Wings.

Ken Daniels praising Barkov who immediately loses the puck to Ericsson. Nothing came of it, but not a great thing to happen when someone is praising your hockey ability.

Yikes, Borkstrom scores on an accidental (OR WAS IT??) pass from Athanasiou and we’re now only up by 1. 3-2 Wings with 7 minutes to go

Y I K E S Hawryluk (that’s a name, not an emotional noise of frustration) slips past Ehn and makes himself available in front of the net to give Florida their third goal of the period. We’re tied 3-3.

Is this a total eclipse of the heart because we are only falling apart. A weird bouncing puck almost gets through Howard and it’s just chaotic flailing at this point. With 2 minutes to go Goose and Larkin manage to create some trouble in the Panthers end because of course they did but nothing comes of it.

There goes the horn and tied up 3-3.

Mickey Redmond Quote of the Period:Tomas Holmstrom was a piece of work, in a good way. And so was this guy [camera shows Vladdy at the game and I’m cri]”

3rd Period

Wings enter the period having only 10 shots on goal compared to Florida’s 22. Larkin gets hit in the face with a puck, our future captain should not hurl himself at the ice in a way that makes a puck contact his precious face, imo. Larkin shakes it off and is back out to save our lives.

Wings look more like the first period Wings and they go on the powerplay a few minutes into the period. DOUBLE GOALS FOR DOUBLE A! Wings take the lead on the powerplay 4-3. Bert sets it up and AA adds another soul to his collection. AA was offside, no goal. Still 3-3.

It was the classic review cycle of: Mick and KD scoff -> Mick and KD see the rule was violated -> Mick and KD declare the rule is stupid and suggest what it should be.

Halfway through the third and we’re still tied, some things probably happened the past few minutes because I know Vanek high sticked Yandle in there but who cares it’s still tied. Barkov got a little tripped up or something and heads to the locker room. Hard to tell exactly why, maybe a tweaky ankle and he’ll pop back in a minute... [he came back with 5 minutes to go wearing ankle guards]

Nielsen gets a great chance but goes pinwheeling into the boards after Reimer slides out to stop him from getting a shot off.

More things don’t happen and we’re 2 minutes until LGD OT.

Wings putting the pressure on and ERICSSON is creating offensive chances but nothing goes. 1 minute to LGD OT.

Panthers bring it back but play it offside and the faceoff goes back to their own end. 30 seconds to LGD OT.

McCann’s skate blade falls off and he flops and flails his way to the bench and Abby is and Blash generally complaining wanting a too much man penalty which technically yes and with 2 seconds to go this would be great for OT but NOPE.

[Blashspot intensifies]

Mickey Redmond Quote of the Period: Not a quote but he was complimenting the linesmen. Like, too much. IT WAS WEIRD OK.


Is this my third recap in a row that’s been overtime? I think so. Not that I recap a ton, but still.

Save us Larkin.

Larkin starts things out there with Nyquist and Jensen, Goose goes in and is hooked with no call and then immediately Larkin tries to get the puck to him again for a second chance. AA gets a chance and blazes in and then tries it again. It’s been all Red Wings the first minute and a half.

McCann now has lost his stick, but Wings can’t capitalize on it and let the Panthers get some shots off but Jimmy takes care of business. Goose out with AA and Jensen, Jensen gives it away and both teams are sloppy right now and skating like molasses.

Never fear, Larkin the sparkplug returns and tries to make it all happen but turns the puck over, luckily Hronek swoops in to save the day. And by swoops in I mean Larkin shoves him in the right direction.

Aaaaaaaaaand nothing.

Skills competition here we come.

Shootouts are STUPID

Goose - nope

Huberdeau - yup, weird almost failed deke that worked because it was so messed up

Nielsen - nope

Barkov - clank

Larkin - nope, RED WINGS LOSE.

Reimer roars in triumph like he just hit a home run at the superbowl

Mickey Redmond Quote of the OT Activities: “That’s a lot of dipsy doodlin and fiddlin”