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Quick Hits: The Draper Replacement Theory Edition

Minnesota Wild v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings' Kris Draper: On draft eligibles, the rebuild, Dylan Larkin

The Detroit Free Press recently sat down and conducted an interview with Kris Draper, “special assistant” to general manager Ken Holland. Perhaps I’m reading too deep into this, but the article gives off a very “getting to know the next GM” vibe. There is certainly speculation that Drapes could very well replace Holland as the next GM in Hockeytown, either way, it’s an interesting look into the current and future status of the Red Wings.

Around The League

Without NHL, Olympic Athletes from Russia are podium favorites

Despite not actually having an official team, are the Russians a lock to take home the gold medal during this year’s Winter Olympics without the participation of NHL players? Pavel Datsyuk still has his concerns:

“But the foreign (KHL) players will be at the Olympics and play against us. It will be a tough fight, especially against us because they play twice as hard when it’s Russia.”