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We Like Our Team: Funny Moments, Player Milestones, and Alumni Happenings

Kick start my heart.

NHL: Preseason-Toronto Maple Leafs at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of talk this season has been centered on the race to the bottom for draft position, frustrations when you want to tank but also hate losing on principle, trade strategy, the number of empty seats night after night, anger at management, and other assorted frustrating topics.

In the midst of all this, I had the sudden realization that I forgot something. I forgot that being a Wings fan is fun. That the Red Wings are FUN. That these aren’t just a bunch of stats and contracts and potential draft picks, these are our Red Wings. These are our guys, and we love our guys, we love our heroes and we love our villains, and it will hurt to see any of them leave even when the trade is great for the team.

Perhaps you too have found your sarcastic doom and gloom panic tweets are not feeling so sarcastic anymore?

As we face impending change and the continued roller coaster of this season, I wanted to take some time to share some player achievements, alumni happenings, and fun moments and player banter from this season as a reminder that hockey is fun, our team is the best, and analytics and strategizing can take a nap for a minute.

Ice track to the DANGER ZONE

Despite the frustration of not being able to compete in this year’s Winter Olympics, the Wings players are still tuning in like everyone else. Hockey of course, but who can resist tuning into curling these days?

On the other hand, Darren Helm is a big fan of skeleton, bobsled, luge - all the sports where athletes fly down the ice at insane speeds and hope not to wipe out...well, that does sound like Helm, doesn’t it?

Helm said not only would he like to give skeleton a try, but he would love to see David Booth get in on the action as well. Booth’s response? He thinks Helm is plotting to kill him.

You can’t have Winter Olympics without figure skating, so how are the Wings pairing each other up?

Booth did get his revenge on Helm for entering him in skeleton by proposing a pair of Helm and LGD, where Helm would be doing the lifting. On the other hand, Abby paired up Booth and Helm and that Booth would lift Helm. So Booth lifts Helm while Helm lifts LGD and I’m ready for triples figure skating now.

Goose and Tatar were also proposed by some of the guys, although Frk’s motive I think may be chaos-based as he said it’s because, “they’re always tripping each other”.

Light the Lamp

Let’s give three cheers for first NHL goals! And not the ones scored against us.

Frk (on his birthday!)

Bertuzzi (it sure was in the net!)

Witkowski (in front of his dad!)

Honorable Mention

A lot of Wings players hit various milestones this year, but let’s highlight a few...

  • Green - 300 assists
  • Zetterberg - 600 assists, 0 things done wrong
  • Jimmy - 200 wins
  • Larkin - 100 points
  • Nyquist - 100 goals
  • Tatar - 100 goals
  • Hicketts - First NHL game
  • Turgeon - First NHL game

I’m counting this as as a milestone too:

Jiri Fischer’s on a Mission

I can’t think of anything more positive, and more important, to end this post with than this:

Earlier this month was the 11th Shocks & Saves fundraiser hockey game. Everyone knows why this cause is near and dear to Jiri Fischer’s heart, literally. Fischer and other Red Wings alumni (including Darren McCarty) participated in a charity game with doctors from around the region before a Saginaw Spirit game to raise funds and spread awareness for the critical importance of CPR and AED training.

So far, funds raised by these games have contributed more than 200 AEDs throughout the region, with at least 11 lives saved.

Fischer put is best when he said, “For every person that gets saved, there’s 100 that don’t have to go to a funeral, a hundred that get to enjoy the person being around.”

We Like Our Team

These are our guys. This is our team. For better or worse. Through good contracts and bad. So all that’s left to say is Let’s Go Red Wings!