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Wings Over-Helm the Canes: Detroit 4, Carolina 1

Detroit Red Wings v Carolina Hurricanes Photo by Gregg Forwerck/NHLI via Getty Images

First Period

Here I am! Recap like a Hurricane!

OK, so I’m in a mood. I had a really annoying day at work, but don’t worry. I am excited to focus on something else, so I’m ready to have a good time tonight. Let’s hope the team cooperates!

Before the game started, I wanted to announce that Justin Abdelkader has been selected by the Red Wings to be their Hockey is For Everyone Ambassador. You may have missed it because even though it was announced yesterday, the team hasn’t mentioned it on their Twitter account. I’m sure it was just an oversight.

I’m glad that Petr Mrazek is playing well lately, and I hope it continues. He needs another E in his first name, but oh well.

Larkin gets an early shot that Darling turns aside.

Danny DeKeyser made a really good play to keep Victor Rask from getting a great shot on Mrazek by blocking the net and forcing Rask to pass for a shot that went out of play.

Even thought it led to the puck being gloved down by Darling, Detroit had a great breakout with just over 15 minutes left to play. It was a 3 touch pass sequence that both exited the defensive zone and entered the offensive zone. For a team that has had trouble with both, it’s really nice to see that.

Dylan Larkin is going to the box as his stick got caught in the Hurricane player’s jersey and he goes to the box. Jeff Blashill is not happy.

Detroit looks good on the power play for most of it, but most of a penalty kill isn’t a full penalty kill, and Carolina scores a PP goal to make it 1-0. A shot from out front gets tipped up in the air in front of Mrazek and floats over him. Aho gets credit for the goal. Never mind. Lindholm gets credit. We’ll see if that changes.

Carolina’s new owner created a stir by inviting upper section fans to come down to sit in empty seats in the lower bowl. Empty seats in the lower bowl? Why, I never!

Mantha nearly tipped a floater from the point between Darling’s pads, but both he and Nyquist end up on the ice after reaching for the puck.

Tatar catches a rut as he chases down a dump in and he goes heavily into the boards. He goes to the bench, and I’m hoping that he’s ok.

Skinner gets a good chance on Mrazek, but Petr stands tall in the net and stops the puck.

Athanasiou gets a breakaway....and.......shoots over the net.

The goal has been changed to Aho, which is the right call.


Danny DeKeyser shoots from the point and it was deflected in front by something, but for now it’s credited to DeKeyser. 1-1

Jordan Staal slashes Nyquist’s stick in half with Goose on the doorstep. The Hurricane goes to the box.

Nordstrom gets a shorthanded breakaway from center ice, which is not ideal, but Mrazek stones him.

Zetterberg throws a puck on net that Mantha nearly tips through the five-hole, but Darling keeps it out. The penalty expires, and the period ends 1-1.

Second Period

Carolina starts off the period with a flurry of shots, but they are either saved or go wide.


Trevor Daley! Helm enters the zone at speed and curls back to feed Daley as the trailer. He has acres of space and rips a slapshot by Darling. 2-1!

Detroit follow that up with some good chances for Athanasiou and DeKeyser on a backdoor play. The Wings are starting to take the play to Carolina.

Kronwall had a great chance in the slot, but it hit something and stayed out.

Mrazek keeps the lead as the Detroit defense leaves him out to dry. Slavin tips a centering pass in on goal, but the Red Wings netminder makes the save. No way Slavin should have been able to get in so close.

Nyquist backchecks hard and tips a centering pass off the post near Mrazek. Another dangerous chance for Carolina, and it’s looking like a matter of time before they tie it up.

After a good shift by the Larkin line to keep the puck in the zone, Bertuzzi found himself nearly alone in front, but he couldn’t beat Darling.

Helm’s stick is slashed, broken in half actually, and Detroit goes to another power play.

The Zetterberg power play doesn’t get much going, and the period ends 2-1 Detroit, with just over a minute of carry-over power play time for the third.

Third Period

Detroit doesn’t score on the second half of the power play. Tatar has the best chance on a toe drag in the slot, but he can’t get the shot off.

Helm gets a shot off on a rush down the left side, but he can’t get it past Darling. Helm has had himself a game so far tonight.

Bertuzzi is tripped, and Detroit will go to the power play again for a chance, however unlikely, to extend the lead.

You might want to sit down for this. We didn’t score on the power play.


Nyquist leads the charge down the right as Zetterberg stole the puck and fed it to him. Mantha was charging down the middle, but Nyquist kept it himself and beat Darling over the glove.

Zetterberg with the assist passes Datsyuk for 5th all time Detroit assist leader.

Darren Helm takes a bad penalty to possibly let Carolina back in the game.

Faulk hits the post on a one-timer. Mrazek saves another Faulk one-timer. The entire Hurricanes power play has been in Detroit’s zone, but they don’t see DARREN HELM OUT OF THE BOX AND HE’S ON A BREAKAWAY DEAR GOD HE’S GOING TO MISS BUT NO HE SCORES ON A SLAPSHOT!!!!!!!

4-1 and Helm is going to be your player of the game unless something crazy happens. The one time a year he scores on a breakaway, you can’t deny him POTG honors.

Helm nearly gets another one as he steals the puck and gets another near breakaway, but the pull up shot doesn’t go, and he has to settle for 3 points.

Detroit is keeping their skate on Carolina’s throat as first Nyquist, then Zetterberg nearly makes it 5-1. With the way the team has wilted lately, I’m glad to see this.

The game ends: Good Guys 4, Bad Guys 1