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Making peace with the Petr Mrazek trade

San Jose Sharks v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Absolute distraught.

That’s how I felt when I read the release about the Red Wings’ return in the Petr Mrazek trade. How could they sell so low? A goalie who at one point was the bonafide cornerstone piece of the team’s future? At first, I was outraged. It was like a Matt Stafford Hail Mary in the 4th quarter. OOPS!

Then I sat down and thought about it — the conditions of the situation — they were never going to re-sign Petr Mrazek. The team has been softly-committed to the goaltender who brought them the most success, and that has been back-and-forth as of late. Okay, whatever. There is no goalie of the future. The goalie of the future was Kyle Quincey, who was brought to Detroit for a draft pick that ended up being, uh, never-mind. Let’s strike this thought from the article. Thank you.

Bob McKenzie mapped it all out, at first it was “WHAT?” and then it ended up being more like “ah, oh.. Okay.”

Mmkay, so we’ve already said that the team was never going to re-sign Mrazek. I feel like that was a reality that had been long-coming... But I think most of us believed that the team held a king’s ransom for his less-than-one-year of service. The fanbase overestimated the goalie market. It’s really not a seller’s market.

It’s fine. I’m not angry anymore.

Shifting to reality, I think Mrazek is more than capable of winning five games the rest of the season... Assuming the Flyers use him as a starting goalie. Whether they do that or not to protect the pick remains to be seen, and I really do not have time to defend that. The Flyers are dumb, maybe Ron Hextall is still bitter that he wasn’t good enough to beat Mike Vernon. It’s whatever. That’s his problem.

The fact is that the team was able to turn at least a draft pick for a goaltender they were very unlikely to re-sign. It marks a turning point for the franchise. It’s not something that jumps out at you, it isn’t something that makes you go “WOW, THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT!”

The way I look at it, it’s more of seeing it that they are beginning to understand what is to come. They’re not accepting that it’s time to tear it down and rebuild, but they see that it’s time to trim the fat. There’s a lot more to trim, and who knows if they do, but it’s a start.. and if you’re in the opinion that the team should tank, then punting a potential starting goaltender for an AHL goalie should support your agenda.

Draft picks are good. Big contracts are bad. It’s fine.

Either way, everything hurts. Bring on the pain.