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Captain Clutch: Zetterberg’s Milestone Goal is the Game Winner: Detroit 3, Carolina 1

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is Hockey is For Everyone night at Little Caesars Arena. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there, but we have WIIM representing:

We have from top right going clockwise: JJ, Sara (helmerroids), Sara Neuie, Anne fromKansas, and Lauren (redwinger43)

The team released a video today that I believe will be played on the Jumbotron tonight.

Tonight’s game is the first of a back-to-back, with Detroit playing at home against Carolina tonight, then traveling to New York to take on the Rangers tomorrow night.

First Period

Nick Jensen has had a tough year overall after closing out last season strong. But, he’s been playing much better of late, finding ways to get into the offensive zone for chances without giving up good chances the other way. It’ll be interesting to see if he can continue that.

It took about 6 and a half minutes for either team to get a good scoring chance, and it was Carolina with TVR getting a good look off a one-timer, but his shot went wide. Detroit has iced the puck a lot so far, and hasn’t been able to get anything going.

Tomas Tatar takes the game’s first penalty, as he hooked Jeff Skinner on his way to the net 7:30 into the first period. Detroit has still not registered a shot on goal.

Faulk scores seemingly two seconds into the power play, but it was really more like 15 seconds. Lindholm was in the crease, but who knows when that matters anymore. On the replay, it looks like Faulk kicked it in, but it’s really hard to tell because each angle looks a bit different. He definitely hit it with his skate, but he MIGHT have gotten a stick on it.

NO GOAL! Phew. I think it was the right call.

Detroit kills the rest of the penalty, and we’ll see if they can use that momentum to jump-start their offense.

Glendening broke into the zone with speed with 7:40 left in the period, and it looked like he was going to turn the corner on the defenseman and get a good centering pass, but he couldn’t quite do it.

Detroit is being outshot 10 to 3 with 6 minutes left in the first frame, but it doesn’t feel quite THAT lopsided. So far, it’s been one of those games where the teams spend a lot of time in the neutral zone and are unable to get sustained offensive zone pressure.

IT’S A HOCKEY IS FOR EVERYONE MIRACLE! Danny DeKeyser finds a seam and has enough time for me to say out loud “Oh my God Danny Dekeyser might score a goal here. Oh how did he not score there, oh wait it’s in!” before putting it off Darling’s glove and in the net.

Larkin and Ouellet get the assists.

Man, Carolina is not covering the trailer on zone entries, and Detroit nearly makes them pay again, but Darling makes the save and is able to cover before it pinballs into the net.

As the period has gone on, Detroit has started to take over. Carolina really has given Detroit chances, and even though they only have one goal so far, Detroit is taking advantage of those mistakes.

The period ends with Detroit up 1-0.

Second Period

Henrik Zetterberg is called for hooking, and I didn’t see anything on the replay. Detroit is short-handed for the second time tonight.

They kill it relatively easily. Jeff Skinner’s stick nailed Mantha in the face, but the officials didn’t see it, apparently.

Nyquist breaks his stick trying to clear, and the stick blade flew into the Carolina bench, hitting a trainer. On the same shift, Carolina nearly scored, but Howard and the post kept the puck out.

Jensen came out from behind the net with Aho on him, who pressured him into coughing up the puck. The puck found its way to Hanifin, who ripped a ridiculous shot past Howard to tie the game 1-1.

Lindholm takes a penalty for holding, and Detroit goes to the first power play of the night.

Just like that, Detroit re-takes the lead on a beautiful tip from Henrik Zetterberg. With that goal, Zetterberg ties Ted Lindsay for 5th in franchise history with 335 goals. Ken Daniels points out that it’s also his 100th power play goal. 2-1 Red Wings.

Abdelkader takes a penalty shortly after. He accidentally got his stick in the face of a Hurricane. No disputing the call, and he goes to the box for two.

Frans sacrifices his face for the benefit of the team as Justin Williams got a stick up in Nielsen’s mouth. We’re four on four for 25 seconds, and TREVOR DALEY SCORES!

For the second time tonight, a Detroit defenseman was given way too much space and Daley makes Carolina pay.

Detroit can’t increase the lead on the power play, although they did get some good chances.

Larkin and Bertuzzi get nice chances, but the period ends with the score still 3-1.

Third Period

Dylan Larkin takes a penalty a minute and a half in, and Carolina will look to get back within one. Detroit kills it, and then draws a penalty. Maybe Zetteberg can get his 101st PPG.

Oh wow. Darling absolutely robbed Tatar on a beauty of a setup. That unit links up a few seconds later for another great chance, but Darlins saved Mantha’s first shot, then the second shot hit the post.

I just realized that there is about 5 minutes left in the game, and I haven’t written much for this period. That’s because there hasn’t really been a lot happening, but for a team with a 3-1 lead, that’s not a bad thing.

Just after I typed that, Carolina had a flurry in the Detroit net mouth, but the defense and Howard keep the lead at 2.

Nyquist ices the puck with 1:51 left, and Carolina pulls Darling. Glendening misses two shots at the empty net, but they weren’t easy looks, especially the second one.

Abdelkader is tripped in the offensive zone, and it looked like it might be close to an automatic goal, but the call is just a penalty. That means Darling will have to go back in the net, and it looks like the Red Wings will come out on top tonight.

3 goals, 2 points, and 1 milestone goal. All in all, a good night.