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It’s Up to You..... Lose York.....Lose York!! - Detroit 3, Rangers 2 (OT)

Detroit Red Wings  v New York Rangers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Hey everyone, I’m back with another recap! Let’s hope that it’s as fun a game as it was last night (after most of the first period). The start is a little later because the Rangers retired the number of Jean Ratelle,

If you were worried about Rick Nash scoring against Detroit tonight, you don’t have to worry about that. He’s been traded to Boston.

And here.....we.....go!

First Period

I’m really sorry, but even though I pay for multiple services, I still can’t get around blackouts. It took me until 7 minutes in to get the game going. It’s 0-0, so I really hope I didn’t miss anything exciting.

If I did, I apologize and you can virtually throw tomatoes at me.

I saw in the intermission that Zuccarello nailed Oullet into the bench, then pushed him further into the bench, so I couldn’t miss mentioning that.

Athanasiou and Tatar collide at center ice, and the conspiracy theorist in me imagines that they are both trying to keep each other in Detroit.

Man, Detroit had a series of great chances about halfway through the first. Zetterberg stole the puck, which led to two good shots on Lundqvist, but he kept them out.

Zibanejad cranked one off the post just before the second TV timeout.

Like I said at the top, I missed much of the first half of the first period, so I can’t say too much about the game so far.

I’m watching the NYR feed now, and they are mentioning the terrible news about Jordan Staal and his wife:

I’m not a parent (of humans), but I can’t even begin to imagine how terrible this is. Please keep the Staal family in your thoughts and prayers. I’m not ashamed to say that I cried earlier today when I heard the news. It’s devastating. I cried again typing this.

While I was typing this, Carolina took a penalty, then Dylan Larkin took a penalty to negate the power play and send us to 4 on 4.

The Rangers had a 2 on 0 down low on the carryover power play, but they couldn’t convert.


Andreas Athanasiou rifles a shot through O’Gara and Lundqvist to give Detroit the lead! With 6.7 seconds left in the period!

1-0 at the end of the period.

Second Period

Nyquist had a slot shot, but Hank kept it out. Looked like a slam-dunk play, but nothing doing.

Tatar made a great play to break to the middle, but both his shot and Larkin’s rebound were saved by Lundqvist.


Ahem. Darren Helm scored to make it 2-0.

I missed a little because of the issues I said before, but JT Miller has cut the lead to 2-1. I saw the replay, and it didn’t look like Howard had much of a chance. It was on the power play.


Yes, I’m being obnoxious and I don’t care.

Larkin and Athanasiou crashed the net, and Tatar put it in. If this is called back, I will lose my mind because of the goal that counted last night.

OK, scratch that. The Rangers challenged for offsides....and it........yeah it is offsides. Ugh.

I don’t have the video, but yeah, it was 100% offsides.

Jensen made a great play with about 10 minutes left, but his shot rebounded just out of the reach of another Detroit player.

With 7:38 left in the second period, we have a penalty.

Detroit is on the power play. Nothing doing on that one.

Nielsen is completely interfered with by Gilmour and they get another chance on the PP.

Ten seconds in there is a stoppage of play for.......something? No idea. The announcers thought it might be another penalty, but that wasn’t it. Who knows?


The period ends with the score Detroit 2, Rangers 1

Third Period

The puck was loose in front of Howard with just over a minute left, but Howard kept the puck out.

Oh boy. I know I haven’t written anything for the first half of the period, but yeah it’s been a tough night for your recapper in terms of watching the game.

Yes, there was an almost goal that was called back.

Jesper Fast ties it at 2. Ugh. The Rangers have been buzzing all period.


After the first shift, Nielsen just made it into the bench before getting hit in the back of his skate, but luckily it’s not a penalty.

Athanasiou nearly won the game, but he was blocked on the pull-back.

Jensen is on the ice for the second time and I’m wondering why I haven’t typed “Daley,” but OK.

Tatar in for Nielsen with Daley, and I swear I didn’t edit anything above.

Daley tipped the puck from Nielsen off a feed from Tatar. And that’s the game winner!