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Quick Hits: The Best Kessel Edition

2018 GEICO NHL All-Star Skills Competition - Puck Control Relay Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

In Red Wing Land

The TradeCentre Match Game: Mike Green | Sportsnet

Where will Mike Green land at the trade deadline? That’s probably going to be one of the most asked questions by Red Wings fans between now and the end of the month.

Tampa Bay? Toronto? Brooklyn? Mystery team?

I personally don’t care where he ends up as long as he nets at least 1st rounder for the Wings.

Around the World

Amanda Kessel is a typical 26-year-old -- who also happens to be an elite hockey player | ESPN

I’m not super excited to watch the men’s hockey tournament at the Olympics this month without NHL players, but I am looking forward to seeing the best women compete against each other in South Korea. It’s great to see the best hockey player in the Kessel family get some well deserved publicity.