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Quick Hits: The Market Sale Edition

Florida Panthers v Detroit Red Wings

In Red Wings Land

Surge from defense shouldn't derail Detroit Red Wings' plans to sell - Freep
Helene got this quote from Jeff Blashill on the increase in shots of late by the Wings and the defensemen kicking in before stating the obvious that not trading Green would be stupid for this team.

“Two areas of our team that I thought were easy ways for us to create more offense: one was shooting the puck, and the other was the D-men getting involved more in the offense,” coach Jeff Blashill said. “We haven’t produced enough points from our back end, and I think we have the ability to. And so to have that start to show is a big thing for us. If we can get them continuing to produce and continuing to be active up the rush, continue to be active in the O-zone, continue to shoot pucks on a regular basis, it’s only going to help. That’s our best chance to create ore offense.”

Around the League

What is a first-round pick worth at the NHL trade deadline? -
Jonathan Willis takes a look at deadline deals from past years to estimate the value of a first-round pick as a trade piece and it kind of looks better for Detroit in terms of the looks at Mike Green for how defensemen are valued:

For a rental defenceman, a first-round pick alone would seem to return a No. 4-ish rental defenceman, with the addition of a conditional pick or B-level prospect necessary to get into the No. 2/3 range.


Wings/Panthers highlight video from