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Quick Hits: The Power Ranking Edition

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Detroit Red Wings v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ Evgeny Svechnikov knows he needs to work to play

Monday’s article has more quotes from Blashill (and Svechnikov). We’ll see what happened in last night’s game.

But coach Jeff Blashill admits finding ice time for Svechnikov has been difficult – though Blashill intends to change that on this trip, which begins with a Monday night game in San Jose.

“I haven’t played him enough probably, yet,” Blashill said. “I played him nine minutes the first night, five the other night. I’d like to get him more minutes.

“(But) he’s got to grab onto those minutes when he gets them, to play him more. That’s part of this business, not just being given stuff, but you have to make sure you grab it.

“I anticipate him seeing more minutes.”

Around the NHL

The 7-Eleven Power Rankings: NHL-best Lightning the team to beat - Article - TSN
Nothing really surprising here, especially at the top. But, rankings are always good to argue about discuss.

With just four weeks to go until the start of the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs, the league’s most consistent team all season long, the Tampa Bay Lightning, remains the team to beat.