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Quick Hits: The Hobey Baker Finalists Edition

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2008 NHL Draft Drawing Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images for the NHL

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings back in the race ... for the No. 1 draft pick

The Red Wings find themselves in quite a race — just not the one that probably hoped for when the season began in October.

That race would be the chase for the playoffs, which is essentially done except for the mathematics involved.

But, if you go the other direction, the Red Wings are suddenly very much in it.

I know this has been a topic of conversation for a little while now, but here’s some more.

Around the NHL

Hobey Baker Award 10 Finalists Announced : College Hockey News

There are 10 new finalists for this year's Hobey Baker Award, including two from Northeastern, the only school with more than one.

There are three goalies among the finalists, Cale Morris, Matthew Galajda and Colton Point. There is just one defenseman, St. Cloud State's Jimmy Schuldt. Last year, defenseman Will Butcher of Denver was the winner.

I’ll readily confess I know very little about college hockey, but last year’s winner, Will Butcher, is doing pretty well in his first season in the NHL. Time will tell if that will be the same for this year’s winner.