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Quick Hits: The Concussion Lawsuit Edition

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Minnesota Wild v Dallas Stars Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings Foundation and Tim Hortons® bring back Red Wings Donut

Heads up for those of you in the Michigan area.

The Detroit Red Wings Foundation and Tim Hortons® are pleased to announce the return of the "I Love the Red Wings" Donut, a specially-themed donut decorated with an edible Red Wings logo and red and white sprinkles. The Red Wings Donut will be available in participating Michigan Tim Hortons® Restaurants for $1.25 starting Friday, March 16 through Sunday, April 1. Proceeds from the sale of the special donut will benefit the Detroit Red Wings Foundation.

Around the NHL

Crucial hearing in NHL concussion suit coming Friday - Article - TSN

The National Hockey League concussion lawsuit is finally coming to a head.

First, I’m not sure whether to applaud or jeer at that lede.

More than four years after the landmark case against the NHL was first filed in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, lawyers for the league and a group of disgruntled former players face off in court Friday to argue over whether the litigation should proceed as a class action.

If judge Susan Nelson decides to approve the case as a class action – a decision that might not come for many months – some 5,000 former NHL players would automatically become plaintiffs, hiking the stakes for the NHL and raising the league’s potential financial liability.

For the players, a loss would mean that the roughly 300 former players who have either filed a lawsuit against the NHL or retained lawyers to do so would have to argue their claims individually.

In my opinion, it’s just a matter of time before the NHL is held liable for its clear disregard for its players’ health.

The damage to players is simply too great to ignore any longer. But, it seems clear the NHL will not do anything that will make a major difference until it is forced to.

Bonus Link

NHL - Blackhawks or Penguins - Which team is the Duke University of the NHL?

Is Sidney Crosby the NHL's version of Duke villains Christian Laettner and Grayson Allen? Or are the Blackhawks and their bandwagon fans hockey's Blue Devils? Pittsburgh and Chicago get the calls and the glory -- and have guys opposing fans love to hate.

I’m also including a story that I have a feeling will generate a lot of discussion. Have at it!