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Quick Hits: The Transparency Edition

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2009 NHL Awards - Arrivals Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings: How Russian Five's Sergei Fedorov escaped USSR

In “The Russian Five: A story of espionage, defection, bribery and courage,” Keith Gave, the spy-turned-Detroit Free Press newsman whose clandestine mission to Helsinki, Finland, put the Red Wings’ acquisition of the iconic quintet in motion, shares the pulse-pounding and unforgettable tale of how Sergei Fedorov, Slava Fetisov, Vladimir Konstantinov, Slava Kozlov and Igor Larionov slipped past the Iron Curtain, wound up in crumbling 1990s Detroit, helped build a championship empire and changed the landscape of American hockey forever. This excerpt of the new book, scheduled for release March 20, is the first installment in a five-part series leading up to the Freep Film Festival, which opens with the world premiere of the "Russian Five" documentary on April 11 at Fillmore Detroit.

This sounds like it’ll be a great read (and watch). I just pre-ordered my copy.

Around the NHL

PHWA to release all voting ballots after NHL Awards ceremony -

The Professional Hockey Writers Association has voted by an overwhelming margin to reveal each voter’s individual ballot following the 2018 National Hockey League Awards ceremony.

After an internal debate that stretched over many months, PHWA Members voted 81.3 per cent in favour of full transparency, in a run-off conducted over a two-week period this March. This decision will result in the publication of each of the approximately 170 ballots, within days of the NHL Awards ceremony in Las Vegas in late June.

In my mind, this is clearly the correct decision. Not everyone agrees.

I’d suggest not making terrible decisions.