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Quick Hits: The 10-Game-Streak Edition

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The Wings’ chances in the draft get better and The Jets’ chances get worse.

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Colorado Avalanche

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ lottery odds improve as elimination nears

Maybe the most shocking thing about the losing streak is that it has only moved the Wings from 25th to 28th. If you flipped the standings upside down and made the Wings sixth in the league (currently held by Toronto, 93 points), then put them on a ten-game win streak, they would move from sixth place to first, with a nine-point margin over Nashville and ten over Tampa. It’s like winning is harder than losing, is what I’m saying.

Around the League

The Winnipeg Jets should be the envy of the NHL

I don’t particularly care for ESPN as a news source, and this article is a few days old, but it brings up a great talking point about basically how much crap Winnipeg gets. I grew up in Michigan farm country. There’s absolutely nothing glamorous about living there, but people still live there and lead lives every bit as interesting and important as people from flashier, sexier large cities. For that reason, I love it when teams like the Jets are good and the Rangers are bad. It’s basically every 90’s sports movie about the grubby working class kids beating the prep school (think Sandlot) personified into cities.