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Quick Hits: The “Learning Experience” Edition

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Hell hath no fury like a Matthews scorned

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Toronto Maple Leafs Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings fight frustration as losses mount, but its tough to learn

I’m not entirely sure what the Wings are supposed to be learning as they lose. Perseverance? To be sure, there is a tightrope to walk when it comes to losing. One one side, there is a certain amount of emotional investment in any given game. On the other hand, NHL players have 82 opportunities to win in the regular season, which requires players to keep individual losses in perspective. I think losing too much is a bad thing because it damages culture and confidence, which is why this ten-game losing streak has got me concerned.

Around the NHL

Auston Matthews antsy as Maple Leafs pump brakes on return

Auston Matthews is going to be back soon, which is good for hockey. He’s not as annoying as the other young talent in the league, like Eichel or Patrik Laine’s beard, so that’s good, but Toronto media will do their damn best to make it so. Matthews will re-activate either Thursday against the Preds, or Saturday against Detroit. Sportsnet pities the first team to face him. First of all, the Preds aren’t scared of anyone right now; Godzilla on ice skates wouldn’t even make them blink. Second, Detroit will take all your pity, if only to piss off every other fanbase who believes Detroit doesn’t deserve it. At any rate, good to have Matthews back soon.