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Morning Skate: Capitals at Red Wings

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This photo is totally just being used because of Nyquist’s flying kick.

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Washington Capitals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

When: 7:30 PM Eastern
Where: Pizzarena, Detroit, MI
Radio: 97.1 FM // 1270 AM

The Metro-leading Washington Capitals (42-24-7) are coming in to Detroit (27-35-11) hot tonight. Hot because they’re scoring bunches in the last four games (19 goals, to be exact.) But also hot/on fire in the bad way (which is cool because Detroit fans are pretty used to watching their team burn up at this point in the season) because The Caps have given up 15 goals in that span. Get ready for a track race tonight!

Unfortunately, some track races are really one-sided. Sometimes the loser finishes so badly they get the pity clap from fans, which only makes the humiliation so, so much worse. Detroit’s offense is so anemic (Tuesday night’s 4 goal showing being the exception) that there is a decent chance tonight’s track race could end up being one of those races. And yet, I still just want to see the Wings grind the Caps into dust. It’s always more fun when you win!

Projected Red Wings Line Up


Bertuzzi - Zetterberg - Nyquist
Helm - Larkin - Mantha
Athanasiou - Nielsen - Abdelkader
Frk - Glendening - Svechnikov


Ericsson - Daley
Kronwall - Green
DeKeyser - Jensen



Projected Capitals Line Up


Ovechkin - Backstrom - Wilson
Burakovsky - Eller - Oshie
Conolly - Boyd - Vrana
Stephenson - Beagle - Smith-Pelly


Djoos - Carlson
Orlov - Niskanen
Kempny - Jerabek



Gameday Prediction ContestGameday Prediction Contest


Game Day Prediction Contest

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First off, if you don't have an SBN Username, make one! We'd love to have you, plus it's much easier to track your predictions season-long. Then make your guess on the winning team, final score, and who the Red Wings player of the game will be. Enter the required information into the form below using the formats indicated. If you don't use those formats, your answers will be disregarded. All submissions are timestamped and will be accepted only until the official game start time. Only one submission per person, please. The Red Wings POTG will be determined by the collective of WiiM writers.

Each correct winning team prediction is worth 1 point. Each correct player of the game prediction is worth 3 points. Each correct final score prediction is worth 5 points. If you get all three correct, you'll receive 15 points.

Good luck!