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Quick Hits: The Pavel Datsyuk Return Rumor Edition

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NHL: Minnesota Wild at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

31 Thoughts: Bowman believes ‘more Cup runs’ possible for Blackhawks | Sportsnet

In Red Wing Land

1. There were some wild rumours that Pavel Datsyuk is coming back to Detroit for 2018-19. Dan Milstein, his agent, says that is not true.

Wait, what?

I haven’t read anything about this from anywhere. This one was out of left field for sure. Would Red Wings fans welcome back Datsyuk with open arms? Are there any hard feelings out there with fans about how he left the team?

Even at his age, he’s talented as hell still and I’d welcome that with open arms to the Wings roster. However, I think I’d only want him back on 1-year contracts every season similar to what Nicklas Lidstrom did at the end of his career.

6. Detroit’s Ken Holland is in the cone of silence, not revealing much about his future. I’m loathe to say he’s 100 per cent coming back, because nothing is done until it is done, but all indications are pointing in that direction. The Athletic’s Craig Custance quoted sources as expecting a three-year extension; I heard rumblings about a two-year move. Whatever the case, the organization is working through the process.

Owner Marian Ilitch has a place near the site of last week’s GM meetings and it is believed they met. There are some GMs who know the end is coming and give off a “Dead Man Walking” impression, but Holland isn’t acting that way. He’s spent much less time around the team than normal, throwing on his scouting beret for a hugely important draft.

Regardless of how I feel about Holland returning to the Red Wings, I do like the fact he’s out scouting. To me it shows that there is a sense of urgency to have a great draft this June.

Elliotte Friedman has a few more thoughts on the Wings in his article. He talks about Daniel Brickley’s visit to Detroit, Niklas Kronwall’s visor and reveals which Red Wings player is a vegan.

Around the League

What Bowman suggested was every team continue to be allowed an in-game roster of 18 skaters and two goalies. However, coaches could insert their “healthy scratches” during a game. Like baseball, once someone is taken out, they cannot return.

Someone gets injured? Substitute. Down 2–0 heading into the third period, with an offensive player not dressed? Hey bud, suit up. Up 2–0 heading into the third period, with a good defensive player relaxing in a La-Z-Boy? Get dressed!

Holy smokes, do I looooooooooooooooove this idea.

I looooooooooooooooove this idea too.

Thursday’s Tank Watch

Red Wings @ Sabres - 7p ET

Panthers @ Senators - 7:30p ET

Oilers @ Canucks - 10p ET

Coyotes @ Kings - 10:30p ET

Let’s go Ottawa, Vancouver and Arizona.