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Chris Ilitch Isn’t Here to Talk About Ken Holland

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NBA: Detroit Pistons-Press Conference Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes the most-interesting clips come from unexpected places and today we’ve got a Detroit writer not really known for covering the Red Wings’ beat that hard asking a Wings-related question at Tigers spring training and getting a very interesting answer:

Of course, it’s a great non-answer and pretty appropriate from an MLB owner currently in Lakeland Florida with his MLB team to deflect a question about his NHL team, especially when not given time to prepare juuuuust the right wording for a question he knows fans like us are going to pick apart like hyenas, but that’s the rub of it: we’re going to do that anyway!

We’ll have to allow for all sorts of read-ins on a non-answer to a yes/no question as simple as “do you want your team’s GM back after his contract expires this year?” but perhaps the hopeful fan in me is allowing the lack of an emphatic “YES” to give promise here.