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Quick Hits: The Ken Holland Criticism Edition

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NHL General Managers Media Opp Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In Red Wing Land

31 Thoughts: The Podcast | Sportsnet

Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman talk about Ken Holland and his future with the Red Wings at about the 22:40 mark of the podcast. Friedman mentions how Holland is stunned about the criticism he’s taken recently. I guess that’s not totally surprising considering he’s had it pretty easy in the cristism department thanks to franchise’s huge run of success. Plus, other than the Lions beat writers, overall Detroit’s sports media members — especially the Wings beat writers— are pretty soft.

Around the League

Why the Washington Capitals aren’t really Stanley Cup contenders | Sportsnet

It would be great to see the Caps finally prove everyone wrong. I’d absolutely love to see Alex Ovechkin hoist the Stanley Cup.