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Quick Hits: The Ken Holland & Seattle’s GM position Edition

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NHL General Managers Media Opp Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In Red Wing Land

Insider Trading: Sens face big decision over 2018 first round pick | TSN

Along with the Senators first round pick topic, Darren Dreger also weighs in on Seattle’s potential general manager.

Jumping forward in hockey operations, there are three names that seem to be out there – just out there loosely in the moment – first being Ken Holland. It seems unlikely he would leave the Detroit Red Wings, but he doesn’t have a contract, so Detroit is playing a dangerous game in leaving that situation in the position that it’s in.

I don’t know how dangerous of a game it really is. Despite all the positives Ken Holland has done for the Red Wings during his tenure here, a new perspective would probably really help the franchise.

Around the League

The NHL’s worst contract quagmires | ESPN

The Red Wings have some ugly contracts, but I’m glad these guys aren’t on the books in Detroit.