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Report: David Backes to Have DoPS Hearing for Hit on Nielsen

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NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

David Backes will have a hearing for his hit last night on Frans Nielsen.

The call on the ice was a two minute minor for roughing.

If you missed it, here are two views of the hit. In the second one, you can see where the puck was, which is the reason Player Safety is calling it interference.

Nielsen did not return to the game, and was listed as having an upper-body injury.

With Boston playing tomorrow, and the hearing scheduled for today, it would seem that a ruling would come out later today.

This was clearly a dirty hit, and Backes shouldn’t have continued to play in the game. As for the punishment? I’ve given up trying to guess what Player Safety is going to do.

It’ll probably be a game or two, but it should be longer. Of course that’s what I say about every hit to the head.

The more pressing concern is Nielsen’s health. I haven’t seen anything that says concussion, but that’s the clear worry hear. With the season where it is, there is no reason to rush him back into the lineup.