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Quick Hits: The Svechking Expectations Edition

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Olympics: Ice Hockey-Women Team Final - USA-CAN David E. Klutho-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Evgeny Svechnikov learns from adversity, looks to make impact with Red Wings |
More in-depth stuff from yesterday on Svechnikov, including a quote from Blashill with more-explanation of how long this look should actually last.

"It's a way better evaluation if you can look at somebody over a course of 10 or 12 games," Blashill said. "One game can be a tough thing, a tricky thing. Sometimes guys play great, but you don't see all the negatives and sometimes guys don't play great. You should never judge on a small sample size. It allows him not to have that fear that the next mistake he's going to be sent back down."

I also appreciate that Svechnikov takes his job very seriously, but I do worry about the confidence thing, the same that Mantha had to learn how to take his responsibility without getting too down on himself. Here's to hoping the kid works it all out!

Around the Leagues

Hilary Knight returns to CWHL, signs with Les Canadiennes de Montreal - The Ice Garden
Your next chance to watch Hilary Knight play will be this coming Sunday as she joins the reigning CWHL champions. The rich get richer and the CWHL gets better.