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Red Wings Locker Room Clean-Out Quote Bonanza: Jeff Blashill Will be Back as Red Wings Head Coach, Confirms Ken Holland

Usually, we chase these quotes like Hansel and Grettel following breadcrumbs thru the woods. This year, it’s more like Bugs Bunny standing next to the “Left for Albuquerque“ sign.

NHL Centennial 100 Celebration Photo by Francois Laplante/FreestylePhoto/Getty Images

We all know how locker-room clean-out day usually goes for the Red Wings. Ken Holland says something cryptic, Henrik Zetterberg talks about self-evaluation and conditioning during the off-season, locker room leaders like Niklas Kronwall mention how disappointed they aren’t bringing The Cup back to Detroit, and we spend the next few months dissecting these sparse comments and trying to figure out how everything will fit together moving forward.

Things went a little different this year....

Well, that was blunt... How about a spoiler alert warning next time?

Tell us how you really feel, Kenny....

Mike Green on a 1-year contract, maybe? Smells like trade-bait...

To be fair here, Blash was specifically asked about Anthony Mantha and differing standards for different players. It’s not like he’s calling Mantha out without prompting.

Maybe we will see some office changes this summer.

Do you know something about our draft lottery odds that the rest of us don’t, Kenny?

In my best Inigo Montoya: “Remains? This word, I do not think it means what you think it means...”

This is just a smattering of the quotes from today’s clean-out session. It seems like we may have a lot more to talk about this summer as opposed to years past....


I’m suddenly scared for our draft. Where’s Håkan Andersson?

Just a friendly reminder from Helene regarding contract lengths of some key assistants...