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Stanley Cup Playoffs Open Thread Day Two

Philadelphia Flyers v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game One Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Yesterday’s Results

Philadelphia Flyers 0 - Pittsburgh Penguins 7 (PIT leads 1-0)

Minnesota Wild 2 - Winnipeg Jets 3 (WPG leads 1-0)

Los Angeles Kings 0 - Vegas Golden Knights 1 (VGK leads 1-0)

And just in case you’re undecided:

Bandwagon Rooting Guide - Eastern Conference

Bandwagon Rooting Guide - Western Conference

New Jersey Devils (Wild Card 2) at Tampa Bay Lightning (Atlantic Division 1)

Series: Tied 0-0

Time 7:00pm ET

Television: NHLN, SN, TVAS2, SUN, MSG+

Ah, the heated Lightning/Devils rivalry we’ve built up so much. Top-end depth and high-quality defense by the Eastern one-seed to be tested against Taylor Hall and also a bunch of other guys that I’m probably being unreasonably disrespectful towards right now. This should be a cakewalk for the Bolts.

Toronto Maple Leafs (Atlantic Division 3) at Boston Bruins (Atlantic Division 2)

Series: Tied 0-0

Time 7:00pm ET

Television: NBCSN, CBC, NESN, TVAS

The least-likable playoff matchup should also be one of the most-watchable. Boston is the better team and when they play like it, should give the Leafs fits; however, the Leafs being too young to know better and having the better coach is a big factor here. It’s just a shame both sides can’t lose.

Columbus Blue Jackets (Wild Card 1) at Washington Capitals(Metropolitan Division 1)

Series: Tied 0-0

Time 7:30pm ET

Television: USA, SN360, TVAS3, NBCSWA, FS-O

Hey, a game that starts on a half-hour! That means I might actually watch some of this during intermission of other series I care more about!

Colorado Avalanche (Wild Card 2) at Nashville Predators(Central Division 1)

Series: Tied 0-0

Time 9:30pm ET

Television: NBCSN, TVAS, FS-TN, ALT

The NHL can’t get regular season games to run 2.5 hours and they think they’re going to be able to switch over to this one after airing TOR-BOS starting at 7? Get ready to join this one in progress. This should be a warmup series for the Preds, so naturally expect it to go the distance and be dumb for some reason.

San Jose Sharks (Pacific Division 3) at Anaheim Ducks (Pacific Division 2)

Series: Tied 0-0

Time 10:30pm ET

Television: USA, SN360, TVAS2, PRIME, NBCSCA

Two California teams with players I don’t like playing playoff games late at night. This should be a pretty fun series and kind of a hard one to call. I look forward to waking up tomorrow to find out who won.