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The Torchetti Has Burned Out

John Torchetti will not return as an assistant coach to the Red Wings.

2016 Coors Light Stadium Series - Minneapolis - Practice Day Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Making good on his comments about personnel changes from Locker-Room Clean-Out Day, Ken Holland is not expected to bring back assistant coach and power-play “master mind” John Torchetti. Per Craig Custance:

Torchetti joined the Red Wings coaching staff in the offseason of 2016. In his two seasons working with the forwards and the power-play, the Wings have posted 15.1% power-play efficiency for 2016/17 (27th in the league) and 17.5% efficiency for 2017/18 (24th in the league). For reference, the worst power-plays across those seasons were the Colorado Avalanche in 2016/17 (15.1%) and the Edmonton Oilers for 2017/18 (14.8%), while the best teams were the Buffalo Sabres in 2016/17 (24.5%) and the Pittsburgh Penguins for 2017/18 (26.2%).

While personnel and execution issues surely added to Torchetti’s struggles, clearly management isn’t letting him off the hook for that damn drop-pass. There are currently no known rumors about a potential replacement, although candidates will surely emerge as the playoffs and offseason progress.