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Quick Hits: The Clearyvoyance Edition

Detroit Red Wings v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images

In Red Wing Land

Detroit Red Wings assistant will know NHL lottery fate before Ken Holland | Freep

Which front office assistant? None other than Daniel Cleary.

He’ll be the Red Wings’ lottery witness and locked away in a room after the ping pong balls decide which NHL team wins the right to draft Rasmus Dahlin. Ken Holland will learn the team’s draft position live during the broadcast.

Cleary better wear his lucky underwear or bring his lucky rabbit’s foot or whatever lucky item he used to help him get all those one year contracts from Holland at the end of his career.

How active should Detroit Red Wings be in free agency? | MLive

The correct answer is not active at all. Khan pretty much agrees too. However, I don’t like part of this nugget here:

They’ll sign a free-agent goaltender to either compete with Jimmy Howard for the No. 1 job or serve as the back-up. They would like to re-sign defenseman Mike Green. Other than that, why bother dipping into the thin free-agent pool, especially if it would require a multi-year commitment? Give the younger players an opportunity.

Please, just say no to bringing back Mike Green. Let the kids sink or swim, but most importantly learn on the job and gain valuable experience.

Around the League

Bill Peters arrives in Calgary having learned from past mistakes | Sportsnet

The former Red Wings assistant coach has a new home behind the bench for the Calgary Flames.