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NHL Lottery Results: Detroit Drops One to Sixth. Buffalo, Carolina, Montreal Win the Lottery In That Order

2008 NHL Draft Drawing Photo by Graig Abel/Getty Images for the NHL

The day is finally here. Today, Detroit will most likely either stay at 5 or move down, but maybe, just maybe, the lottery gods will smile upon the Red Wings and bestow upon them an elite Swedish defenseman yet again.

What follows is a (fairly) live recap of the lottery reveal. We will only know the first 12 out of 15 spots, as the top three will be saved for the second intermission of the Vegas/Sharks game.

For the Red Wings, we want to see the lower teams stay where they are. Eight is when it will start to get interesting because Detroit can finish 5-8 or 1-3. And here....we....go!

Is it going to be:


Somehow Gary Bettman is being booed, even though nobody else is in the room.

Before they even get started, they have an interview with Rasmus Dahlin. I’m pretty sure that I am not alone in shouting at my TV “JUST GET TO IT ALREADY!”

15. Original: Florida
After Lottery: Florida. Phew!

14. Original: Philly
After Lottery: Philly. Yes!

13. Original: Dallas
After Lottery: Dallas. So far, so good.

12. Original: Islanders (from Calgary)
After Lottery: Islanders. And they said it was Calgary’s pick so that’s good.

11. Original: Carolina
After Lottery: Islanders. So Carolina has won a top 3 selection, which is obviously bad for Detroit.

10. Original: Islanders:
After Lottery: Edmonton. Thank God.

9. Original: Edmonton
After Lottery: Rangers. Looking good for Detroit to at least not move down too much.

8. Original: Rangers
After Lottery: Chicago. Still good.

7. Original: Chicago
After Lottery: Vancouver. Awesome!

6. Original: Vancouver
After Lottery: Detroit. Dammit!

So we didn’t win one of the top 3 spots, but at least we only moved down one. The odds were against us to get into those top three, and we should still get a really good player at 6.

5. Original: Detroit
After Lottery: Arizona. Oh man, Arizona is just snakebit in these things.

4. Original: Montreal
After Lottery: Ottawa. Down from 2nd. That’s gotta sting!

So, Buffalo, Montreal, and Carolina are your top 3 picks. That’s the most likely order in terms of the odds, but we won’t know for sure until the second intermission of the Vegas / Sharks game.


It’s time for the second part of Lottery Extravaganza 2018!

The team picking third is....



MONTREAL. So if you were hoping for a Subban - Dahlin pairing in Nashville in like 3 years, sorry...

The winner of the NHL draft lottery is Buffalo!

The Sabres will pick first overall and maybe next year they will resemble an NHL team.