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Quick Hits: Don’t Say ‘It’s Over’ Edition

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NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ Henrik Zetterberg On Future: ‘If I’m Not Healthy, It’s Over’ | Helene St. James, Detroit Free Press

DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT SAYING THAT YET, HANK! No, seriously, don’t say that. With years still left on your contract, an organizational desire to use LTIR like Franzen if necessary, and an ingrained fear that Gary Bettman is just desperate for a way to kick us while we are down, this has the feeling of a quote that could bite the team in the butt one day. Then again, the NHL has let stuff like this slide before.

Anyway, to the crux of the piece. This isn’t some red flag that Z isn’t feeling well, it just seems to be general questioning considering the Sedin twins and the end of the season. On the plus side, Z is sounding fairly confident in the young guys holding their own when he decides to ride off into the sunset.

Around The League

Hockey Hall Of Fame Chances For Seven Of League’s Grizzled Veterans | Kevin Allen, USA Today Sports

An interesting and early look at some guys who, at least partially, still have chances to improve their resumes. I’m not sure I agree with some of the assertions, like when the author states that Zdeno Chara keeps getting better as he advances in his 40s, but the perspectives are still interesting. Also, Henrik Zetterberg is not grizzled - if anything, he is dapper and aging like a fine wine! But I’m sure I don’t have to remind anyone here of that...