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Quick Hits: So-Long, Legends...

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NHL: Stanley Cup Champions Pittsburgh Penguins-White House Visit Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Gordie Howe’s Name Will Be Stripped From Stanley Cup: Here’s Why | Jimmy Golen, Assiciated Press

Don’t panic (also, don’t forget to carry a towel). Saying Mr. Hockey’s name is being stripped from The Cup is a bit of a misnomer - more accurately, he (and several other greatest of the greats) is having the ring of The Cup his name is on retired from the travelling version of the trophy. At least now, nobody will be able to drop The Cup and dent Gordie’s ring.... looking at you, Osgood....

Around The League

Wait Till Next Year: 5 NHL Teams That Will Make The Playoffs In 2019 | Kevin Allen, USA Today Sports

To be clear, Mr. Allen isn’t taking the easy way out and picking the best teams in each conference. He’s looking exclusively at teams that are missing (or probably missing) this season. I’m not sure what’s more interesting - who he has on here, or who he doesn’t. And what about our Red Wings - should they, or should they not, be on this list?